loss frequency frequency of losses graduation rate injury severity indicator
coldness sun f degree-days freezing index Vicat index
hydraulicity index humidity index Thornthwaite moisture index moisture availability index
smoke number infiltration index relative-inflammability index average cost ratio
odor index odor intensity index odour intensity index odour index
iodine adsorption value iodine index iodine value iodine number
Nikkey stock average circulation index external debt ratio driving-rain index
driving rain index code line index body mass index market index
modulation index natural mortality rate fishing mortality rate pollutant standards index
dust veil index octane index antiknock index motor octane number
antiknock rating anti-knock rating fuel grade octane number rating
octane rating octane value octane number occupancy rate
bed occupancy rate room occupancy room occupancy rate occupancy rate
bed occupancy rate Southern oscillation index post index California bearing ratio
Californian bearing ratio California Bearing Ratio economic price index index-number of prices
price index consumer price index wholesale price index producer price index
Producer Price Index Laspeyres price index relative price index precipitation index
antecedent-precipitation index antecedent precipitation index ESOC Precipitation Index pressure index
output index production index protection index rent recovery index
radar refractive index radio refractive index optical refractive index labour turnover rate
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