approach angle critical angle stalling angle angle of stall
loss angle dielectric loss angle angle of reflexion angle of reflection
draft angle take-off angle overlap angle climb angle
climbing angle zero-lift angle shooting angle transmission angle
vertical path angle break look angle viewing angle
cable angle beam angle reentrant angle re-entrant angle
reentering angle gamma angle angle gamma clock angle
horary angle hour angle Greenwich hour angle angular displacement
kappa angle angle kappa parallactic angle bird s eye view
boom shot down shot high angle high angle shot
high angle view high shot high-angle shot shot from above
top shot overhead shot leg undercut leg swing
target angle optic angle viewing angle visual angle
best climb angle angles of coverage angle shots rifled bore
rifled arm smoothbore smooth bore animus lucrandi
positive electrode anode carbuncle anthrax pneumonia
inhalation anthrax pulmonary anthrax ragpicker s disease woolsorter s disease
inhalational anthrax corneal apex Saudi Saudi Arabian
adjudicator neutral referee third-party adjudicator
umpire arbitrator arbitrator arbitrator
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