prohibited area drought-prone area conservation area protected area
newly settled area irrigated area remote area restricted area
sailing area private use area dwelling district dwelling sector
residential district residential area residential section residential zone
residential district restricted area red zone red area
pink zone phreatic zone zone of saturation saturated zone
semi-arid zone semi-arid area semiarid area line-end field
line-ending zone margin-adjust zone hot zone hot area
hotspot sensitive area ILS sensitive area command area
wilderness wilderness wilderness area non-restricted area
subtidal zone sub-tropical zone buffer zone temperate belt
temperate zone convoy terminal area ground swath buffer zone
tourist area tourist zone temperature zone thermal belt
thermal zone intertropical zone tropical zone torrid zone
unsaturated zone vadose zone zone of aeration non-public area
pristine area explosed area sensitive zone sensitive area
arid zone distribution into zones zonation zone classification
vertical zonation altitudinal zonation oceanic zonation mature
zonal zonal zonate agroecological zones
waterlogged belt reef tract reef area marshland
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