free vote limited vote majority vote negative vote
official vote popular vote Internet-based voting i-voting
Internet voting simple majority vote proxy vote vote by proxy
proxy voting unit rule vote-o-meter ayes and nays
voyeurism artificial voice helium voice circuit-mode voice
ender with twist overturning overturn roll-over
rollover change dump hydraulic tipping mechanical tipping
commencement of flight flight flight lift
IFR flight VFR flight CVFR flight controlled VFR flight
special VFR flight extended range operations extended range operation ETOPS
extended-range twin-engined operations gliding sail flying sailflying
sailplaning soaring acrobatic flying acrobatics
aerobatic flight aerobatic flying aerobatic manoeuvre acrobatic flight
rotated grasp swing leg beat action international civil flight extra section
extra section flight aircraft interchange interchange flight code-sharing flight
ski flying pressure-pattern flight pressure pattern flying controlled flight
calibration flight cargo flight humanitarian flight supercruise
supersonic cruise deadhead flight placement flight repositioning flight
positioning flight connector flight connecting flight delivery flight
ferry trip ferrying flight ferry flight training flight
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