disruptive voltage heaving heave volt-ampere meter
dumping piked roll end dump body foward roll
volt reactive volt-ampere volt-ampere reactive voltmeter
rectifier meter frequency selective voltmeter volume level volume
struck volume bulk volume loose volume bale cubic capacity
priming volume coverage volume reference coverage volume disk volume
volume of exports export volume volume of imports import volume
turnover trading volume business volume supply work-load
volume of production reference volume turnover system residence volume
work volume volume of traffic traffic volume file size
volume of sales sales volume effluent volume volume of employment
equipotential volume void volume breast volume blood volume
stroke volume sensitive volume desire for desirous
willingness to accept doughnutting voluntary join
re-enact revive replay a game replay a match
run for re-election redial play over reserve
serve over replay become incompetent become disqualified
volatile volume meter volumeter positive-displacement meter
volumeter volume indicator ARAEN speech voltmeter retching
vorticity vorticity absolute vorticity geostrophic vorticity
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