grafted vine grape producer grape grower wine-producing district
wine producing district wobble modulation spot wobble vocabulary
basic vocabulary basic word list controlled vocabulary spoken vocabulary
active vocabulary comprehensive vocabulary listening vocabulary potential vocabulary
receptive vocabulary passive vocabulary sophisticated vocabulary member
member of a Commission vocalization vocalise digital speech
vocalise starter s orders LPC vocoder pitch-excited vocoder
vodka quin scallop queen scallop flying
mobile bird birdie shuttle
shuttlecock steering wheel goose shuttlecock fly-drive
fly-drive package fly-drive holiday volatility of prices price volatility
excessive price volatility distillation sublimation vaporization
volatilization volazocine log kicker volcanic action
volcanic activity volcanicity vulcanicity vulcanism
volcanism high volley high backhand volley angled volley
low volley low forehand volley low backhand volley cross-court volley
forehand volley initial volley first volley backhand volley
putaway volley volleyer volley volleyball
beach volleyball sitting volleyball tungstate calcium wolframate
bottom-dump wagon output voltage breakdown voltage dielectric breakdown voltage
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