marginal capital-output ratio equity ratio capital-labour ratio capital-labor ratio
capital-labour ratio peak-to-mean flow ratio fall-stage-discharge relation equitable trade relationship
sales-purchase ratio standard ratio contractual relationship cost effectiveness
entrepreneurial benefit-cost ratio social benefit-cost ratio cost-performance ratio post-deflection acceleration ratio
sodium adsorption ratio aspect ratio bifurcation ratio cycle ratio
times-interest-earned ratio interest coverage ratio compression ratio conductivity ratio
relationship of trust cooperative relation cooperative relationship address-mapping of a layer
N -address-mapping short-circuit ratio dependency ratio relationship of dependency
rate of deviation bypass ratio by-pass ratio metal distribution ratio
draw ratio debt equity ratio debt ratio debt-to-equity ratio
owe-to-own ratio debt-equity ratio net energy ratio stress ratio
stretch ratio exposure-response relationship gain-to-noise temperature ratio patriarchal gender relation
draw-down ratio volatility ratio co-polarized intensity ratio terms of trade
inventory valuation inventory valuation method sodium absorption ratio completeness
hit rate recall recall factor sensitivity
recall ratio fixed assets ratio market ratio mixing ratio
mass mixing ratio humidity mixing ratio mixing ratio standing wave ratio
standing-wave ratio cost-revenue ratio operating ratio polarization ratio
carrier-to-noise density ratio carrier-to-multipath ratio interproduct price ratio engine pressure ratio
reference pressure ratio net protein ratio suction squeeze ratio tax performance ratio
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