format check format checking on-line format checking fingerprint check
identification check continuity verification continuity check proficiency check
time check gender proofing key stroke verification keystroke verification
end use checking read-after-write check read-after-write verification read-after-write verify
limit check odd-parity check odd parity check forecast verification
test check background check check of references check on references
personal investigation qualifications investigation reference check reference investigation
reference inquiry sequence checking sequence control sequence check
security screening personnel screening personnel security screening credit verification
credit check compliance control range checking range check
origin verification verification of origin weather forecast verification forecast verification
system check system test system testing brush compare check
political verification loopback loopback testing loopback test
cyclical redundancy cyclic redundancy check audit sampling testing
testing audit audit testing dump check leapfrog test
verification and validation video buffering verifier paper tape verifier tape verifier
fruit examiner punched card verifier card verifier audit
Verify your altitude check upon delivery check against delivery verilopam
Haemonchus contortus stomach worm twisted stomach worm barber s pole worm
vermicide expanded vermiculite vermiculite vermiculite insulation
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