gather information collect information relapse approach
radio homing homing landing landfall
deck landing upset upset recalculate
recompute reheater overheating overshoot
overheated economy global-warming global warming flue gas reheating
downgrading downgrade refill tire regrooving
regrooving recapitalization reorganization of capital recapitalization
recap recapping recapitulation recapture
retrieval reloading artificial replenishment artificial recharge
rate of accretion induced infiltration induced recharge overcharge
over charge regravelling regraveling surcharge
import surcharge customs surcharge handling fee loading for contingencies
adaptation surcharge spot regravelling water pollution charge loading
loading charges product charges collection of debts debt collection
collection of taxes collection of tax collection collection of tax
collection of taxes tax collection indirect collection collector of customs
customs collector tax collector collect a tax relapse
marker teaser receiving clerk receptionist
desk clerk desk operator front clerk hotel receptionist
receptionist room clerk night clerk acknowledgment
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