synchronous speed translational speed true air speed true airspeed
climb rate rate of climb descent rate dive rate
let-down rate sink rate velocity of descent vertical descent gradient
rate of descent vertical wind velocity sound velocimeter velocimeter
speedograph velocipede motorbike motor bicycle
velopause velum cycle stadium velodrome
vein vena cava inferior inferior vena cava vena contracta
hepatic vein free nappe portal system short saphenous vein
vena saphena parva small saphenous vein internal saphenous vein long saphenous vein
vena saphena magna great saphenous vein vena jugularis interna internal jugular vein
become due fall due mature upset
delinquent past due overdue due and payable
maturity date maturity expiry of a cheque overnight maturity
maturity of a bond bond maturity date expiration of policy termination of a policy
termination of policy initial maturity original maturity residual maturity
bullet maturity current maturities Bavenda ce-Venda
tshi-Venda Venda Tshivenda dressing
elastic adhesive bandage Esmarch s bandage medicinal dressing medicated dressing
bandage hand bandage hand wrap bandage
leg wrap polo wrap wrap polo bandage
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