rate of advance rate of penetration priming speed processing speed
output rate speed of advance flame spread rate design speed
stall speed stalling speed overall travel speed journey speed
drug replacement rate reference speed reference airspeed reference wind speed
landing reference speed Vref refresh rate friction velocity
outlet velocity discharge velocity emission velocity jump speed
sedimentation rate sedimentation rate sedimentation velocity settling velocity
erythrocyte sedimentation rate safe speed initial climb-out speed survival wind speed
touchdown speed transaction velocity velocity of money velocity of circulation
actual transfer rate data transfer rate data-transfer rate transfer rate
data transfer speed buffer-to-host transfer rate data signaling rate line speed
transmission rate transmission rate transmission speed circuit data rate
gas transmission rate instantaneous transmission speed instantaneous transmission rate channel rate
throughput manipulation rate plotting speed ion velocity
ionic velocity stomach emptying rate curing rate rate of cure
cure rate declared speed water velocity convoy speed
chimney efflux velocity efflux velocity flow velocity flight velocity
velocity of flight sonic speed sound velocity speed of sound
wind speed digital rate effective speed average interstitial velocity
field velocity effective velocity average data-transfer rate average transmission rate
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