design flap speed take-off decision speed decision speed deformation rate
deposition velocity groove speed discharge rate unloading speed
cut-out speed cut-out wind speed take-off speed unstick speed
takeoff safety speed take-off safety speed diffusion rate design manoeuvring speed
design cruising speed rate of dissolution dissolution rate distribution rate
rising velocity elimination rate first-order elimination rate drug elimination rate
rotation speed rate of cooling cooling rate writing speed
holding speed sponging rate all-burnt velocity burnout velocity
burnt velocity burn-out velocity phase velocity filtration speed
rate of filtration filtration rate flow rate envelope velocity
group velocity speaking rate speech rate speed of speaking
wetting speed print rate printing rate printing speed
print speed velocity of unfiltration infiltration velocity seepage velocity
basic intake rate injection speed rate of injection injection rate
fluctuation velocity eddy velocity inrun speed in-run speed
read rate reading rate reading speed release rate
drug delivery rate keying rate endurance speed telegraph speed
modulation rate modulation rate symbol rate card speed
penetration rate perforation rate punching rate advance
drilling rate feed rate penetration rate penetration speed
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