binary digit rate bitrate data rate signalling rate
bit rate constant bit rate equivalent bit rate channel bit rate
variable bit rate calibrated air speed rectified air speed rectified airspeed
calibrated airspeed blind speed blind velocity commercial speed
full rate critical speed critical velocity optimum speed
critical build-up speed critical whirling speed critical torsional speed Internet speed
absorption rate intrinsic absorption rate rate of closing closing speed
cut-in speed cut-in velocity cut-in windspeed cut-in wind speed
feed speed rate of feed cut-off speed shutdown speed
shut-down speed furling speed availability rate velocity of approach
approach velocity approach speed landing approach speed startup wind speed
start-up wind speed climb speed landing speed scanning speed
scanning rate sweep rate baud rate rate of biodegradation
speed of biodegradation biodegradation rate erasing speed turnover rate
fall speed fall velocity terminal fall velocity terminal velocity
falling speed running speed shearing rate shear rate
mass burning rate rate of burning area burning rate switching rate
toggling speed switching speed rate of corrosion corrosion rate
cutting rate hump speed peak particle velocity cruising speed
cruise speed cruising speed calculating speed design diving speed
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