blistered sail sailing lug sail
yahrzeit candle memorial candle square sail spritsail
Sphinxer spinaker spinny spinnaker
staysail mizzen topstay sail lateen sail main sail
main-sail mainsail lug sail lug sail
gala evening pedestal table sails set linguavelar
velar ensure that sail boat sailing boat
sailing yacht sailing-boat sailboat five-master
four-master four masted ship sail loft wind indicator
vane weather cock weathercock whirligig
vane weather vane weathervane wind direction vane
wind-vane wind vane pilot vane tip vane
tip-vane dynamic inducer fleece flash
flash plate corporate veil cement basket cementing basket
basket veil of cloud cloud veil soft palate
dichroic fog sprint sprint race match sprint
speed pace speed speed
particle velocity airspeed design airspeed equivalent airspeed
angular rate angular velocity angular speed constant angular velocity
turn rate turn-rate rate of turn angular rotor speed
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