proxy variable surrogate variable temporary variable fundamentals
economic fundamentals shift barometric variation biennial oscillation
quasi-biennial oscillation stratospheric oscillation biennial wind oscillation alteration of trim
change of trim change in trim compensating variation salinity range
change in reserves climate shift climatic shift climatic variation
daily variation diurnal variation ecotypic variation time history
braking force variation change in inventory inventory change equivalent variation
seasonal fluctuation seasonal variation inter-diurnal variation mean day-to-day variation
mean interdiurnal variability inter-monthly variation percentage change mutagenic substance
variable-speed drive bypass road bypass antigenic variant
logistic curve variant human BSE variant CJD vCJD
variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease variant spelling spelling variant unexplained variance
variant syntactic form syntactic variant additive genetic variance vary on
vary off-line vary off line Boolean variable logic variable
logical variable binary variable varicella chickenpox
varicocele varicose varidase variety
high-yielding variety high-yield variety coloured oat variety variety of vine
vine variety amber-seeded high-protein strain diversity of interests breadth of interests
higher productivity variety sample account variety pharmacological variety indistinguishable variety
pure variety prescribed variety virus-tested variety check variety
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