gross invoice value basic value future amount future value
assessed value cadastral value compensated value value compensated
set-up security step-down security mortgage-backed security constant value
net carrying amount net book value admitted value agreed value
valued amount accepted value publicly listed security publicly traded security
quoted security listed security D-value switching value
goodwill net asset value net asset value affective value
leasing value letting value rent value rental value
cause value certificate value floating-point value value at cost
consumptive value regional value content contribution value parity value
conversion value peak value code value scrap value
baking strength index senior security integrated ozone integrated value
integrated ozone value investment-account security investment security carcass value
farm value stumpage price stumpage rate stumpage value
stumpage price of money cost of money value of production
resistance unit resistance value R-value thermal resistance coefficient
thermal resistance value R-factor bequest value selling value
winding-up value shareholder value value of contracts data value
vault value brand equity market value market
market value total non-use value non-user value preservation value
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