pregnant beef cow dry cow BST cow holiday
vacation annual holidays annual leave annual vacation
holiday with pay paid holiday paid vacation vacation
vacation with pay vacation leave advance annual leave summer break
summer vacation summer holidays recess parliamentary recess
holidayer vacationist vacationer bank holiday
staggered holiday casual vacancy vaccinia vacherin
casting emptying stand-alone dump binary dump
defueling de-fuelling defuelling fuel jettison
fuel jettisoning intentional fuel venting fuel dumping abend dump
drainage of lines screen capture screen copy screen print
screen printing screen dump dump dumping
memory print storage dump memory dump dynamic dump
static dump disaster dump post mortem dump post-mortem dump
postmortem dump jettisoning dumping selective dump
truncation tape dump snapshot dump programmed dump
flush dump unload unload a rifle
climatic vacillation pulse jitter hesitant vaccine
BCG vaccine Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine Sabin vaccine poliomyelitis vaccine
poliomyelitis vaccine Salk vaccine poliovirus vaccine inactivated acellular vaccine
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