accounting treatment curative therapy curative treatment therapeutic treatment
cure supporting treatment supportive treatment mail handling
handling of mail quarantine application OBDH on board processing
on-board data processing on-board data handling treatment of choice stabilizing treatment
attendant intercept treatment speech processing puddling treatment interrupt servicing
interrupt handling leachate process leachate treatment activated sludge process
activated sludge treatment message processing messaging message handling
diversified slash disposal preemergence insecticide preemergence application pre-emergence treatment
pre-emergent treatment preemergence treatment first-line treatment salvage therapy
risk treatment maintenance treatment substitution therapy substitution treatment
replacement therapy ground-line treatment pain control pain management
off-line processing directed application directed spray treatment ectoparasite treatment
coppice method coppice system dormant application dry rendering
split application specific treatment standard treatment tax treatment
chemico-physical treatment physicochemical treatment physico-chemical treatment physical treatment
nonbeneficial treatment unnecessary treatment futile treatment overhead application
medical treatment mandatory treatment palliative treatment life-preserving treatment
life-prolonging intervention life-prolonging therapy life-prolonging treatment life-sustaining intervention
life-sustaining procedure life-sustaining therapy life-sustaining treatment dry reprocessing
non-aqueous reprocessing pyrometallurgical reprocessing pyrometallurgical treatment spraying treatment
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