specialized transportation specialized transit air transport airborne transport
transport atmospheric transport air transportation air transport
commercial air transport domestic air transport air freighting international air transport
inter-city air service transportation in bond bi-modal transportation bimodal transportation
collective transportation mass transportation public transport public transportation
inter-modal transport mixed-carrier transportation multi-modal transport combined transport
pickaback pig-a-back piggy back piggyback traffic
piggybacking rail-road transport piggyback container transport
coastal transport end-around carry carriage of cargo head-load transportation
consignment of waste patient transportation patient transport milk trucking
driving log drive log driving loose floating
river driving river-driving stream driving stream-driving
timber driving timber-floating water log transport drive
freight transportation passenger transport passenger transportation carriage of passengers
nonbulk traffic radionuclide transport backhaul surface conveyance
surface transportation surface transport controlled temperature transport downward transport
downward ozone transport fish back service liner shipping barge-carrier transport
school transport student transport student transportation school transportation
exceptional transport all-cargo rail transit rail transportation
railway transport railway transportation rail transport freight rail transport
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