work actually performed electronic work e-working e-work
field work group work team work teamwork
deck movements deck work deckwork prison labor
prison labour nursery work unpaid family work forced labour
forced labor mental work field work manual labor
manual work physical labor physical labour manual labour
black labour clandestine work illegal work illicitly performed work
undeclared work unreported work moonlighting unpaid work
night work compulsory labor compulsory work compulsory labour
casual position organized labor organized labour backlog
heavy work precarious employment unstable employment unstable job
short-term employment groundwork preparatory work restricted job
sheltered job sheltered employment remunerative work paid work
specified period employment term employment terminology work benevolent work
donated labour unpaid service voluntary work volunteer labour
volunteer work supply procedures supply proceedings supply process
business of supply forest protection works dredging activity dredging operation
dredging spoil drainage operations drainage work forced labour
hard labour attach strap of glove trabecula
safety keel broad strake tracazolate pulling phase
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