water inlet intake intake structure intake work
water intake waterworks intake seawater intake sea inlet hole
field delivery point profit taking canal outlet electric outlet
electric receptacle electrical receptacle power outlet electrical outlet
convenience outlet ceiling outlet special purpose outlet decision process
decision-making process decision making ethical decision-making split-second decision
taking of evidence power take-off power takeoff main transmission PTO
power divider taking of blade prise-de-fer LAST
LAST test sampling of a stack stack sampling hanging to stern
forcible entry static head hostage-taking taking of hostages
hostage taking independent earth electrode independent ground electrode direct data capture
on-line data entry on-line input online data capture snow probe
snow sampling tube snow tube snow-sampler snow sampler
double seizure touch and go touch-and-go landing touch-and-go
sail gasket policy holder policyholder furling line
sail stop borrow swear in administer an oath
take the initiative seize the initiative hang on wash hanging
take a wash taking a wash hanging on wash address the meeting
take the floor fingerprint make arrangements take action
counteract environmental degradation minute accept delivery take up
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