holder of a permit permittee permit holder permit holder
seatholder owner of a registration account name account title
proprietor of a mark owner of a trademark proprietor of a mark trademark holder
trademark proprietor trademark owner holder of a patent owner of a patent
patent holder patent owner patent proprietor patentee
policy-holder subscriber official visa holder right holder
passport bearer passport holder holder of a passport lawful holder
legitimate owner legitimate bearer rightful owner rightful holder
life renter life rentrix tenant for life life tenant
securitisation securitization tixadil tixanox
tixocortol resthardening thixotropy magnesia
chalk tizanidine smut tizolemide
half-burn charcoal header bacterial leaf blight maydis leaf blight
false header half brick snap header half bat
late blight early blight ringworm tinea
honeycomb ringworm cherry blossom tineid cherry fruit moth leek moth
onion leafminer thiophile thiophilic thiophil
thiolic thionic towel feminine napkin
sanitary pad sanitary napkin towel sanitary napkin
non-porous volcanic tuff non-porous tuff porous volcanic tuff porous tuff
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