two-hand shot time shot ground kick diving side shot
rapid-fire rapid fire powerful shot thyroid
TSH releasing factor TSH releasing hormone thyrotropin-releasing hormone tyromedane
tyronine sodium tyropanoate thyroplasty tiropramide
multiple free throws tyrosine hydroxilase tyrosinase thyrotoxicosis
tyrothricin thyrotrophin chorionic thyrotrophine thyreotropin
thyroid-stimulating hormone thyrotrophin thyrotropin tetraiodothyronine
thyroxine sodium thyroxine thyroidin grab theft
snatch-and-grab theft snatching zoom herb tea
herbal tea tisane crab underrun
pulmonary tuberculosis phthisis tisocromide tisopurine
tisoquone butyl titanate titanium butylate tetrabutyl titanate
isopropyl titanate titanium isopropylate tetraisopropyl titanate titanium
registration foreign credential account owner holder
account holder cardholder holder certified employee
incumbent employee incumbent of a position job holder job incumbent
position holder position incumbent incumbent owner
titlist titleholder licence holder holder of technology
holder of a licence licence holder copyright owner copyright proprietor
holder of a copyright owner of a copyright copyright holder CANPASS holder
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