type of weather weather type land utilization type display face
display type market rate pivot rate encapsulated type
wraparound type wrap-around type structured data type standard data type
fibre type fluctuating rate fluctuating exchange rate cover type
stand type forest type rate of tax rate of taxation
taxation rate tax rate effective tax rate actual tax rate
fixed tax rate marginal rate marginal tax rate interbank offered rate
interbank rate statutory rate statutory tariff rate middle price
middle rate average price average rate net rate
discrete type ordinal type predetermined rate preferential rate
primitive type proportional rate breed type real type
synoptic type interest rate cap unitary rate green rate
going rate prevailing rate letterpress printing letterpress
typography concessional rate multiple exchange rates internal fonts
class of pollution mixed types tiprenolol tiprodil
tiquinamide tiquizium strand of tobacco tobacco strand
babiche thong strip cartoon comic strip
rotative banner rotating banner reflective strip boot hook
reverse curve screwball twist impression
shotgun shooter trap shooter rifleman rifle shooter
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