floating exchange rate modified Bruno ratio internal exchange rate real exchange rate
ERER pegged exchange rate character type outline font
soft font proportional spaced fount proportionally spaced font proportionally-spaced font
proportional spaced font circulation type climatic type type of cover
type data type scalar data type depreciation rate
rate of amortization rate of depreciation amortization rate private discount rate
class of documents class of records records category contributor class
class of contributor flow pattern accommodation font list
font scheme font style fount fount list
fount scheme type font type fount font
type scalable font rate of interest interest rate
short-term interest rate market interest rate fixed interest rate set interest rate
real interest rate downloadable fount downloadable font cartridge fount
cartridge font screen fount screen font fixed-spaced font
uniformly spaced font built-in font bit-map fount bit-mapped font
bit-mapped fount bit-map font Elite type elite type
twelve-pitch type elite message type object type
tender rate option class class of options screen type
procedure type rediscount rate basic rate base rate
record type shadow wage rate clearance signal type soil type
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