maintenance stand-by time standby maintenance time standby unattended time unattended standby time
settling time synthesizer settling time gastric residence time contact period
duration of exposure exposure time time of exposure exposure duration
exposure time obstacle exposure time training time gust formation time
setting time final setting time initial setting time active braking time
total braking time operating time productive time operating time
operating time break-in operate time gel time gelation time
generation time guard time downtime down-time
down time breeding time astronomical daylength astronomical sunshine duration
possible sunshine duration relative sunshine duration installation time dual instruction time
instrument time integration time averaging time reversal time
ionization time playing time actual playing time latent period
read time reading access time memory access time call clear-down time
call release time manipulation time down time maintenance time
servicing time engineering time maintenance time emergency maintenance time
mixing time available machine time ready time serviceable time
available time misty weather foggy weather snowing weather
holding time hold time road clearance time clearance time
change-over time transit time signal transit time transit time
charge transit time doughing time dwell time penetration time
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