interactive kiosk interactive terminal facility interactive terminal local user terminal
logical terminal alternate water terminal major water terminal secondary water terminal
neutral lug neutral terminal fixed-function terminal nonprogrammable terminal
dumb terminal job oriented terminal specialized terminal special-purpose terminal
dedicated terminal container anchorage terminal portable terminal portable data terminal
receiving terminal destination terminal link-attached terminal remote computer terminal
remote data terminal remote terminal device teleterminal remote terminal
dependent station auxiliary station virtual terminal visual terminal
finish carry out a follow-through follow through finish the point
end the point be drawn terminographic terminology
comparative terminology monolingual terminology unilingual terminology terminographist
terminographer terminologist C Term certified terminologist
terminotics glo-bar thermistor thermistorized
termitin thermisation thermization thermal aquiculture
thermal aquaculture thermoacoustimetry heat-sealable thermanaesthesia
thermanalgesia thermanesthesia thermoanaesthesia thermoanalgesia
thermoanesthesia thermoanemometer firing iron thermocyclogenesis
thermokinetic thermoclasticism thermal weathering spalling
discontinuity layer metalimnion temperature transition layer thermocline
thermocoagulation line thermostat thermodiffusion thermal diffusion
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