prescribed holder book-keeping recordkeeping bookkeeping
single entry accounting single entry bookkeeping stockholding shareholding
security holdings partnership tenancy official holding official gold holdings
keep readily available be privy have a right to be authorised
inure be eligible consider make allowances for
attach importance to take into account take into account take judicial notice
judicially notice carry stock hold in abeyance be enforceable
hold the ball adversely affect have a disability be disabled
tenesmus tenia tapeworm teniacide
taeniacide side leaning side support lieutenant
thenyldiamine tenylidone taeniasis teniposide
tennis two-handed tennis one-handed tennis ping pong
ping-pong table tennis wheelchair tennis women s tennis
men s tennis grass court tennis lawn tennis touch player
tenocyclidine tenodesis tenonitrozole metal content
drummer s palsy tendotomy tenontotomy tenotomy
tenoxicam heave taut haul taut tighten
surface-active tensiometer interphase tensiometer tension
voltage on-load voltage working voltage closed circuit voltage
absolute electrode potential environmental stress natural environmental stress climatic stress
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