selection rate pay rate rate of wages salary rate
wage rate rate of pay rate of substitution handling fee
host-to-host transfer rate conversion ratio sell-through sell-thru
conversion rate conversion rate formation rate transformation rate
transmittal fee data transmission rate transport rate contraceptive prevalence rate
operating rate capacity utilization rate money market index money market rate
demographic rate schedule rate specific rate age-specific rate
age-standardized rate fixed rate Harrod warranted expansion total fertility rate
instantaneous rate international fee Lotka rate legal tax
bound rate equimarginal principle central death rate minimum lending rate
national fee natural unemployment rate core unemployment rate nominal rate
broker loan rate overtime rate bank prime rate prime
prime business rate prime interest rate prime lending rate prime rate
long-term prime rate transinformation rate average transinformation rate flat rate
flat rate floating interest rate floating rate variable interest rate
variable rate prevailing market rate estimate taxation
adjustment of average award of costs fixing of costs taxation of costs
assessment of costs property appraisal valuator appraiser
fix a price set a price price tariff rates
fees and costs fees and expenses fees costs and disbursements
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