protein efficiency ratio conception rate pregnancy rate rate of emissions
emission rate CFC release rate chlorofluorocarbon release rate vapour release rate
employment rate error ratio error rate inbound mobility rate
evaporation rate evaporation rate preliminary examination fee offtake rate
false reject rate false rejection rate fertility rate general fertility rate
age-specific fertility rate glomerular filtration rate financing rate through rate
afforestation rate accident severity rate baking absorption trade coverage ratio
incidence rate accession rate rate of infection infection rate
infiltration capacity soil infiltration rate infiltration rate rate of inflation
inflation rate annual inflation rate zero-inflation rate cost inflation rate
information rate average information rate lock rate enrollment rate
enrolment rate education rate enrollment rate enrolment ratio
enrolment rate key policy rate key interest rate lending rate
blended interest rate domestic interest rate legal interest rate legal rate
statutory rate nominal interest rate call loan rate call rate
call money rate actual interest rate effective interest rate effective rate
deposit rate interest deposit rate subsidized interest rate investment rate
rate of investment gross investment ratio long rate case fatality ratio
case-fatality rate fatality rate case fatality rate federal funds rate
beam modulation percentage morbidity rate mortality rate fetal death rate
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