trigger rate file activity file activity ratio activity ratio
activity rate participation rate capitalization rate discount rate
crossover discount rate cross-over discount rate equalizing discount rate social discount rate
accrual rate benefit accrual rate rate of accumulation pension accrual rate
airport service charge depletion rate savings rate blood alcohol concentration
illiteracy rate penalty cancellation charge disease level
disease rate attack rate secondary attack rate attrition rate
increase rate rate of increase critical band rate bit error performance
bit error rate bit error ratio search fee differential exchange rate
legal exchange rate official exchange rate official rate preferential exchange rate
cap rate capitalization rate catch rate character rate
scarring rate healing rate click-through rate cover rate
issue fee issuance fee compliance rate consensus rate
continuation rate growth rate rate of expansion absolute growth rate
annual growth rate zero growth rate economic growth rate commercial lending rate
decay rate rate of decay rate of deposition deposition rate
slew rate decay rate central bank rate discount rate
rate of discount bank rate shadow discount rate unemployment rate
drop-out rate dropout rate attrition rate churn rate
efficiency efficiency rate sell-through sell-through rate
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