throttle back throttle down reduce market volatility curb exports
curtail exports reduce taxes reduce a tax boil down
reducing agent reductant reducing gear speed-reduction gear
speed reduction gearbox speed reducer speed-reducing unit speed reduction unit
hedger relative redundancy transverse redundancy vertical parity
vertical redundance lateral redundancy redundant cognitive remediation
replay reship refundable pay off
discharge refund reimburse pay off a loan
repay a loan patronage allocation patronage dividend patronage refund
patronage return dividend income related repayment income contingent repayment
discharge of debt repayment of debt discharge of a debt repayment of loan
loan repayment repayment of a loan repayment of credit deferred rebate
delayed reimbursement level payment level repayment reissue
rebroadcasting station rebroadcasting transmitter transposer re-issue
reissue relief blank out crop substitution
gene replacement global replace reseal delayed automatic reclosing
rebonding reassembling hydraulic re-test hydraulic retest
reentry re-entry subroutine reentry reenterable
reentrant reenter reinsert re-enter
remand branch back auto forwarding auto-forwarding
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