reduction of premium premium reduction visbreaking viscosity breaking
vulnerability reduction flood mitigation reduction at source source reduction
waste minimization waste reduction profit squeeze reduction of soundings
degrowing down-crewing manpower reduction personnel surplus reduction
reduction in force reduction in personnel reduction of staff staff cutback
staff reduction work force reduction workforce reduction workshedding
downsizing power cutback rate cutting price cutting
price cutting price role back price rollback price roll-back
rollback roll-back roll-back of prices roll back
grid telescoping risk minimization risk reduction risk mitigation
risk reduction disaster risk reduction relief tax relief
reduction in bulk volume reduction curtailment fuel economy
reduction of amenities mark-down markdown particle size reduction
milking time reduction abatement tax abatement writedown
write-down allowance electrolytic reduction electrochemical reduction
gradual reduction linear cut linear reduction selective non-catalytic reduction
budget constraint budget cut budget reduction budget restraint
budgetary constraint expenditure restraint fiscal constraint fiscal restraint
budgetary cut formula cut drop in ozone drop of ozone
ozone drop abridge relieve throttle
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