antislip surface non-slip surface irrigated rice area artificial turf
synthetic grass artificial surface plate finish platen finish
raw floor space cumulative area alighting surface approach slope
approach surface take-off climb surface landing surface fire surface
loading surface land area mating surface land
surface installed competition area competition surface contest area
shiaijo air-dough interface convergence surface cut-over
cutover area cutting area felling area logged area
cutover crop production area crop area slider bed
take-off surface front surface surface of discontinuity obstacle assessment surface
obstacle clearance surface braking surface hitting area striking surface
hitting surface obstacle identification surface playing surface competition area
ring competition surface sail area balanced control
balanced surface balanced control surface storage surface level surface
sound-wave front wavefront wave front boundary of saturation
transitional surface water table display surface water surface
area of a building building coverage built-up surface covered area
covered surface site coverage coverage capture area
receiving cross section effective area effective filtration area equipotential surface
aerial effective area antenna effective area specific surface trowelled surface
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