callable clear off a mortgage pay off a mortgage redirected from
anonymous remailer redirect readjusting readjustment
redistricting redistribution redeployment of labour income redistribution
redistribution of income employee reassignment redeployment of staff in the black
radius round off round down round down
round up round up roundoff round-off
rounding reduction-oxydation redox curtailment
downsizing engine downsizing reduction all-sliming
tariff cut tariff reduction selective catalytic reduction certified emissions reduction
certified emission reduction compensatory downgrading capital reduction capital shrinkage
reduction of capital compensation reduction pay cut rate cutback
rate cutting reduction in salary reduction of wages salary reduction
wage cut wage reduction wage rollback wage decrease
data reduction real-time data reduction duty cut duty reduction
reduction of duties embryonic reduction selective embryo reduction embryo reduction
emissions cut emission reduction flat-rate emission reduction thrust cutback
retrenchment tax reduction tax cut reduction in hours
reduction of hours work-week reduction work week reduction bauxite reduction
destocking premium reduction drug demand reduction demand reduction
drug supply reduction supply reduction sentence reduction remission
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