Pennsylvanian drilling rope boring rope drilling rope system
cable-tool drilling acoustic sounding acoustic sounding echo depth sounding
echo sounding aircraft sounding meteorological rocket observation rocket observation
rocket sounding kite sounding captive balloon sounding dirigible balloon ascent
rockoon sounding shot boring shot-drilling shot drilling
satellite sounding audit test compliance testing compliance test
remote sounding remote sounding ozone observation ozone sounding
radar wind sounding ionospheric sounding back-scatter ionospheric sounding logic probe
snow survey heart sound complex sound compound tone
complex tone diffuse sound pure sound simple tone
pure tone warble signal warble tone sone
sonobuoy sonograph sonomanometry loudness of a sound
loudness consommé julienne julienne soup cold soup
instant soup sopitazine soot blower boundary layer blowing
blow film process film blowing magnetic blow-out air blower
snow thrower snowblower snowthrower snow blower
honeycomb spouting unducted fan blower-chopper
universal blower swash wash over bruit
systolic ejection murmur ejection murmur bruit de diable humming-top murmur
venous hum labor spy stool pigeon pass the test
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