adversarial system adversary legal system adversary system job order system
incentive scheme information system Enterprise Information System management information system
health information system trusted information system on-demand system labour information system
marketing information system meteorological information system data information systems field reporting system
food safety system inspection system system of inspection food inspection system
information sharing system challenge-by-the-answer system priority interrupt system priority-structured i o interrupt system
slotted system electronic fuel injection playing system playing formation
competition system mixing system linking system input-output system
input output system green currency system open trading system licensing by quota
net settlement system list system election by list card dialing
automatic vehicle locator AVL system AVLS cap-and-trade system
ceiling system AFCS auto-flight system incident command
incident management system incident command system terrain clearance system life-support system
life support system handling system acoustical measurement system acoustic measurement system
voice mail system voicemail system voice messaging system system of markets
market system PC system personal computer system single-user system
microcomputer system teletype microcomputer system micro irrigation system micro-irrigation system
micro irrigation network break system one-crop system uniprogramming
uniprogramming operating system uniprogramming system multicomputer facility multicomputer system
multiprocessing system multiprocessor system sailing method tacan
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