refugee claims system refugee determination process refugee determination system cost-plus pricing system
OBD system on-board diagnostic system wide diagonal system sixteen-bit system
direct broadcasting satellite ACARS steering steering system
videodisk system video disk system hard disk system disk based system
disk based data distribution system gas-transmission system gas transmission system
global distribution system Global Distribution System internal distribution system domestic distribution system
MMDS double boiler system dual-channel system double ballot
double ballot system double-pipe system two-pipe heating system two-pipe system
sewage-disposal system waste disposal system wastewater disposal system wastewater-disposal system
drainage system drainage system hydrographical network drainage system
education system educational system axle system system of elimination
elimination system double knock-out double-elimination system double elimination
single-elimination system single elimination emergency system ignition system
HEI system high energy ignition AGDLS A G D L S symbolic assembly system
exhaust system translator writing system translation writing system call queuing system
call queueing system park and ride park-and-ride system dimensional motion time
evaluating system common country assessment training coordination system training evaluation system
performance evaluation system performance appraisal system excitation system farming system
soil management owner-occupancy system independent ejection system sequenced ejection system
retrieval system end system invoicing system floating system
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