micro-wave landing system microwave landing system aircraft-based augmentation system satellite-based augmentation system
ground-based augmentation system self-assessment training system self-organizing machine self-organizing network
self-organizing system self-monitoring system aeroplane system airplane system
assistance system assistant help system decision aid system
decision aiding system decision support system expert assistant expert help system
intelligent help system unit banking broadband system broadband communications system
narrow-band system X-bar system crossbar system statistical database system
biotelemetry system thermoblock system electronic BBS bulletin board system
bilge pumping system bus system single boiler system change-over system
multiplier system multiple currency system cross-slope ditch system feebate system
load-lugger detachable-container system hull system cellular radio system cellular system
system of cells cellular radiotelephone system lock-and-key protection system locks and keys
certification scheme system of certification certification system open loop system
catalogue system classification system system of grading hazard classification system
livestock grading system ecological classification system budget coding system marketing system
international trading system world trading system pooling system banking clearance system
bank clearing system complement system process computer system LMCS
mercomm system MERCOMMS satellite-personal communications system communication system
digital communication system wireless communication system licensing system message switching system
semi-automatic switching system telephone switching system computerized accounting system electronic accounting system
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