AMPS bank system banking industry banking system
shadow banking system optical-disk-based system end-use system end use system
sensor-based system bike and ride bike-and-ride system dual-mode
dual-mode vehicle system dual-mode system binary number system binary numeral system
binary numeration system binary system biometric system pressure system
prison system cardiovascular system major road system geo-referenced cadastre system
schedular system centralized system collecting system colloidal system
combined sewer system combined sewerage combined system combined sewerage system
trading system commercial system virtual memory system fail-soft
concept network conceptual system system of concepts concept system
coordinate system coordinate system credit system cipher system
ciphersystem crypto system cryptosystem cryptographic system
quadrangular system quasi-cooperative system quadruplex system thirty-two bit system
Bretton Woods system AIDS Food Supply System multi-access system
multiuser operating system multiuser system multi-user system multi-user operating system
managerial system management system hierarchical DBMS data management system
delivery system drug delivery system NDBMS network DBMS
RDBMS relational DBMS Information Management System information management system
project management system object management system network management system data acquisition system
data collection system learner learning system machine-learning system
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