traffic detector vibration sensor right looking sensor right-looking sensor
left looking sensor left-looking sensor SSM I star sensor
imaging sensor array sensor microscopic sensor multi-spectral sensor
multispectral sensor sensor radar sensor advanced radar sensor
non imaging sensor nonimaging sensor non-imaging sensor wheel speed sensor
sensory folded-arms strike sit-in strike stay-in strike
sit-down strike settled enter journalize
lay the groundwork set the groundwork lay the foundations adjudication
non obstante veredicto decree for divorce decree of divorce divorce judgment
judgment of divorce divorce decree absolute decree final divorce decree
judgment absolute decree absolute probationary order probation order
sentence of death death sentence declaratory judgement final judgment
absolute judgment final judgment indeterminate sentence interlocutory judgment
judicial award judicial decision non-custodial sentence interim award
in personam judgment judgment in personam direction of traffic sense
AB-direction direction rotation RA sense forward direction
guilt feeling sense of community gutter take umbrage
severance triage sorting stripping
current altitude separation topocentric angular separation automatic hyphenation cyclone separation
composite separation degating aerial spacing antenna spacing
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