program sequence P-sequence statement sequence abort sequence
frame checking sequence frame check sequence recursively defined sequence own code
own coding descending sequence didactic sequence direct sequence
out-of-line coding irregular block cryptographic bit stream key sequence
key stream keystream key-stream tactic block
empty string null character string null string DNA sequencing
protein sequencing control sequencer microsequencer microprogram sequencer
sequential indexed sequential sequential-by-key sequential by key
automatic sequencing packet sequencing highjacker high-jacker
sky-jacker hijacker abduct attach
distrain kidnaping kidnapping sequestration
sequester sequestrum aerial hijacking skyjack
skyjacking aircraft hijacking attachment of goods carbon uptake
uptake of C uptake of carbon carbon dioxide uptake carbon storage
carbon sequestration judicial sequestration organized kidnapping seconder
securinine viscose silk figured silk weighted silk
grege silk raw silk reeled silk floss silk
floss-silk embroidery silk sewing silk net silk
nett silk thrown silk sedation fishing line
sedative headquarters home base home
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