course course path range
span swing Albano course shortened course
proper course extended course area alpha course alpha
course alpha area bravo course bravo course bravo
course charlie course charlie landing roll landing roll-out
landing run cross-country course take-off roll take-off run
take-off run available take-off run required giant-slalom course rowing course
wind daily run ground run wrong route buoyed course
clear round blocking-out clipping scissoring
silhouetting clipper chopper clipper
punch cut back scissoring clipping
cutting peak clipping peak load shaving peak shaving
press clipping second cut trimming pack
pack of hounds virtual simulation game virtual situation recreation virtual situation reconstruction
overlay resurfacing recrystallization recrudescence
back stretch backstretch back straight position line
line of position budget constraint line consumer possibility line consumption possibility line
income line isocost line wealth constraint line budget line
home straight home stretch straight line home straight
last straight finishing straight grinding rectification
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