exchange rate regime foreign exchange system exchange rate system Rossby regime
Rossby régime trusteeship system duty free treatment duty-free treatment
customs warehousing procedure dry-lease arrangement regime of self-discipline temporary capacity regime
funded plan funded pension plan charge rate atmospheric circulation pattern
atmospheric flow pattern FEC coding rate contingency rating space-charge limited state
money purchase plan defined contribution plan quarantine treatment compliance system
temporary warehouse procedure discharge rate dosage regime floating exchange system
free floating arrangement freely floating system floating rate system flow rate
flow rate rate of flow community property regime flood pattern
snow régime precipitation régime precipitation regime open-zone situation
open-rate situation non-automatic import licensing dual pricing defined benefit plan
defined-benefit pension plan protective supervision privacy protection regime bonded warehouse program
liability system safeguard regime social security plan social security scheme
social security system health care plan health insurance plan health insurance scheme
medical insurance plan medicare medicare plan medicare scheme
medical care plan tariff regime land tenancy arrangement land tenure system
tenure land tenure adjustable-peg system adjustable-peg regime
range rate original rate required rate wind conditions
democratic regime green regime ecological regime special regime
flow regime regime regimen boundary regime
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