optical character reading recognition optical character recognition recognition of certificates
acknowledgement of credit electronic signature recognition voice recognition in-transit container targeting
brand recognition vegetational survey vegetation survey flag recognition
pattern recognition admission of liability automatic speech recognition voice recognition
speech recognition third-party certification recognition of degrees recognition of diplomas
foreign credential recognition recognizing visitors immunologic recognition ice reconnaissance
air photographic reconnaissance random review charting hydrographic charting
mutual recognition sight recognition vision recognition visual recognition
optical mark recognition re-creation recreation recreate
re-create rebuild reserves restorative remedy traffic accident reconstruction
mammary reconstruction breast reconstruction financial repair flap mammary reconstruction
flap reconstruction flap breast reconstruction buttock flap reconstruction gluteal flap reconstruction
TRAM flap reconstruction deferred breast reconstruction deferred mammary reconstruction deferred reconstruction
delayed mammary reconstruction delayed reconstruction delayed breast reconstruction immediate mammary reconstruction
immediate reconstruction immediate breast reconstruction IGAP flap reconstruction I-GAP flap reconstruction
SGAP flap reconstruction S-GAP flap reconstruction palaeoclimatic reconstruction paleoclimatic reconstruction
refurbish reclassification retroactive refit retrofit
shakeup upgrading non-agricultural conversion forest conversion
industrial reconversion industrial restructuring reconvert comparable-data development
compilation of rules automatic callback complete the distance cover a distance
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