flywheel retarder electromagnetic retarder hydrodynamic retarder hydrostatic retarder
hydraulic retarder permanent-magnetic retarder retarding device retard device
flame retardant delay the game absolute delay end-to-end access delay
queuing delay connection establishment delay envelope delay group delay time
group delay connection release delay line delay buffer delay
gate delay propagation time propagation delay radionuclide retardation
data transfer delay transit delay data transit delay vocoder delay
system slowdown differential delay creeping turnaround time
inertial lag preset delay time delay holdback
deduction detention withholding group retention
aggregate retention gross retention retention of dividends retainage
retention money holdback hold for delivery retained placenta
placenta retention reservation of title hold on hold
call hold GHG sequestration greenhouse gas sequestration fluid retention
mark-hold urinary retention retention of urine channel detention
withholding of tax tax withholding withholding of a passport nurse retention
tax deduction withholding tax school retention student retention
persistence in school net retention deduction at source deduction from wages
pay deduction salary deduction source deduction payroll deduction
selective retention initial detention initial retention surface retention
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