shooting result game result market outcome fiscal performance
financial performance ideal outcome proximate consequence proximate result
tie score tied score official result deliverable
measurable outcome results trade performance results of operations
operating results results of operations operating results economic performance
intangible results soft results official voting results official results
poll-by-poll results expected results results expected tangible results
hard results be affected be affected by abridgement
abstract executive summary summary summary
auto-abstract automatic abstract autoabstract climatological summary
aerodrome climatological summary nil report author s summary author s abstract
summary of heats summarization of expenditures project brief summary of results
accident summary discharge summary traffic summary budget summary
meteorological summary summarize summarise summarize
summarize resurgence resuspendability resuspension
scrap off-set water-table offset
restrainer self-timer selftimer engine brake
engine compression retarder speed control brake vehicle retarder
aerodynamic retarder regenerative braking retarder engine brake engine retarder
driveline retarder plant-growth retardant growth retardant exhaust retarder
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