have the endorsement receive the ball chest the ball catch high balls
concede a goal receive a pass receive a caution be cautioned
maintain a nomination allow a complaint passenger s receipt receipt
receipt American Depositary Receipt American depository receipt mate s receipt
receipt customs quittance cargo receipt depository receipt
warehouse receipt dock receipt forwarder receipt forwarder s receipt
trust receipt equipment interchange receipt income tax receipt tax receipt
premium receipt mate s receipt banking receipt trust receipt
release recyclability recyclable CFC recycling
chlorofluorocarbon recycling recycling waste recycling remixing
relending closed loop recycling closed-loop recycling recidivation
chronic offender habitual offender high-rate offender multiple recidivist
multirecidivist persistent offender persistent recidivist re-offender
repeat offender recidivist precinct of Parliament parliamentary precinct
container well-closed container closed cup squeeze spray container
amenity pot clarification vessel decanting vessel single-dose container
transport container oil reservoir photoresistant container tight container
hollow vessel mixing vessel dead-head hatchery bottle
hatching jar hatchery jar sharps waste container sharps container
single-dose container perfectly-closed container releaser mutuality
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