accountable accountable accountable convenor
working-group-convener convener liable answerable to
responsible to accountable to answerable for responsible for
accountable for answerable responsible accountable for
D R O presiding officer deputy returning officer content curator
training manager internal training manager in-house training manager COMSEC authority
communications security authority discharger severally liable jointly responsible
jointly liable answering counterblow return blow
counter blow answer response reply
responsiveness riposte step-function response voice answer back
voice response audio response delayed riposte broken time riposte
impulse response impulse response function pulse response amplitude frequency response
autoimmune response autoanswer auto-answer auto-answering
automatic answering compound riposte composed riposte audio frequency response
audio-frequency response audio response voice answer back co-ordination reply
equilibrium response spectral response transfer function frequency response
all-call reply antibody response answerback answer back
catchment response basin response surveillance reply air-air surveillance reply
surveillance altitude reply broken target immune response primary antibody response
primary response primary immune response booster response secondary immune response
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