flexural strength friction strength insulin resistance weatherability
weathering resistance weather resistance light fastness light resistance
light fastness light-fastness lightfastness tear-propagation resistance
crash resistance crush resistance impact resistance crashworthiness
breaking strength strength at break splitting strength dry strength
dry strength hot strength resistance to tension ultimate tensile strength
ultimate tensile stress tensile strength torsional strength ultimate tensile strength
tensile strength traction-compression strength vibration strength disease resistance
greaseproofness grease resistance flame resistance nuclear radiation resistance
pharmacoresistance drug resistance chemical resistance acoustic resistance
unit-area acoustic resistance specific acoustic resistance acquired resistance non-conventional virus resistance
aerodynamic resistance aerodynamic drag drag residual drag
crushing force crushing strength maximum crushing strength crease resistance
crease-resistance crush resistance crush-resistance muss resistance
wrinkle resistance heat resistance thermal strength cutting strength
rip strength tear strength tear resistance tear strength
skid resistance lap joint strength longitudinal sheer strength wet strength
anti-freezing property cold resistance cold strength cold hardiness
fire endurance resistance to fire fire resistance impact fracture toughness
impact resistance resistance to impact impact strength impact energy
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